The Be Dope "Russian Doll" Contest - sponsored by Be, Inc.
Welcome to Be Dope's first ever contest. In this contest, you have the chance to win Be Tshirts and the stylin' new Be Polo shirt. Not to mention fame, glory and the envy of your peers.

This contest is officially and auspiciously sponsored by the oh-so-hip Be, Inc.

The Contest
In case you missed it, take a look at this screenshot which ran on Be Dope recently:

4 layers

If you click on the above image for the full screenshot, you'll notice four "layers" or environments:

  • Layer 1: The BeOS
  • Layer 2: MacOS (via Sheepshaver)
  • Layer 3: DOS (running Windows 3.1)
  • Layer 4: Apple //e
The first person who can do five layers will receive two official Be tshirts (one black shirt, one white).

The first person who can do six layers will receive the new Be polo shirt. In laboratory tests, this shirt has been proven to make you look ten pounds lighter, ward off mosquitos, code faster and attract groupies in droves. Your mileage may vary.

Some Rules and How to Enter
Before you go clicking away half-cocked, read the following rules.

The BeOS must be one of those environments, but it doesn't need to be the "top" one. To win one of these prizes, the OSes must layer on top of each other, "Russian doll" fashion. That is, one environment inside the next, inside the next, inside the next, etc.

For example, you can't win the six layer prize by adding to the setup in the above screenshot UAE in the BeOS environment and Bernie to the Rescue in the Mac OS environment. That would be six environments, but only four layers. And it has to be software upon software; no fair adding in a co-processor card.

Doctored screenshots do not count; we'll verify before awarding shirts. Though we might give a consolation prize to the funniest screenshot, doctored or not, if it tickles our funnybone.

Screenshots must be emailed to with the phrase "russian doll" somewhere in the subject. Do not email me web sites where I can see them, FTP sites, etc. I won't go look. Nope.

Employees of Be, Inc. and employees of Be Dope are not eligible; authors of emulation environments are eligible.

Even More Prizes?
We might also give a prize for the top number of non-duplicate OSes/environments running, no matter how they layer up. Can someone get over ten? A dozen? Email those screenshots to with the phrase "OS madness" in the subject line.

Decisions of judges, however wrong, are final and indisputable. Void where prohibited. Shake well before opening. No purchase necessary. Stand clear of vent.

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