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Pictures From the BeDC - April, 1999

The following pictures were captured by covert Be Dope cameras during the BeDC. Click on each picture for a larger version. For more coverage, be sure to catch our on-the-scene reports: Part I, Part II

Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée helps a BeDC attendee (who realizes he left his wallet in "his other pants") buy a tshirt.

This menacing Be employee guarded the entrance to the BeDC.

As with all things good, the BeDC was held together by duct tape.

In a moment of stunning embarrassment, Chris Herborth realizes this was a "black shirt" affair.

Last minute rehersal for Be VP Tim Self (left) who will lip sync his presentation to the tape controlled by Be employees.

Be's Rapid Tshirt Deployment System® allows Be engineers to dress appropriately for any event.

Be will launch it's new advertising campaing this summer with this tagline; all employees bore these mandatory tatoos.

A protoype BeOS machine that replaces the mouse and keyboard with old turntables.

The Developer Lab ten minutes before it opened.

A Be employee uses the BeOS to control The Matrix, allowing for a quick setup.

With shutter speed set at 1/500th of a second, a Be Dope camera captures the subliminal message flashed to all BeDC attendees.

Hitachi's BeOS machine complete with TFT screen. We'd love to see one of these in the Be Dope offices. Hello, anyone from Hitachi listening?

Final Scratch show with its optional human component.

Games are a type of Media, right?

Rumor has it this dedicated developer was assaulted by Microsoft employees outside the hotel. Even a side trip to the emergency room didn't keep him from the conference.

Some of the complimentary cake. We would have taken a picture of the free beer as well, but it was gone too quickly (luckily, this was a beer cake).

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